‘The Chemtrail’

The Black Sheep Bar

True fashion of nightclubs of the 19th and 20th century, Black Sheep Bar has commissioned a hand-painted mural from Morgasmic, a young Croydon Artist.
The striking and exhilarating design is a sublime composition:
Like a sort of hypnagogic supernova all mixed up with Francis Bacon and the brain scans of someone enjoying an orgasm.
At one point it seems like a sea of rare chemicals on a distant planet, at another it resembles a monstrous bird.
The attention to detail is awesome, ensuring that if you are examining from three inches away or 10 feet, You still get a mighty jolt of aesthetic pleasure.
Created almost unbelievably, with spray paint, if there’s any justice this mural will become a listed interior, preserved for future generations to enjoy.

-Cult Writer Jonny Argument

Mural, Spray Paint, Stencil, Abstract, Cyberdelic, Biomechanical, Hypnagogic Supernova